Brian Romans

8/15/20212 min read

Brethren...  you are not alone.  What your feeling.  Your thoughts about those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  We were called to serve into Afghanistan for a purpose.  It was witnessed first hand with the children, the schools, the elders weary of war...  we were there with purpose.  As the events continue to unfold overseas and quick reaction forces with reinforcements arrive, we pray for their safety.  We remain vigilant to the call...

Never above, Never below, Always beside....   

Sharing from Aileen C Payne and Ron Payne, Gold Star parents of Cpl Ron Payne Jr...the first Combat Casualty of Operation Enduring Freedom:

"I want to thank my dear friends who reached out to us concerning the recent news of Afghanistan. They have been concerned and worried about how we have felt about what has been transpiring due to the fact that Ron was the first Marine killed in combat in Afghanistan and so many followed after him. So I will give you my perspective. Please do not say it was a waste of time for those that went to fight . Or worse those that were killed died in vain. Because when we were in immediate danger, those men and women stepped up to go and keep this country protected and help those who could not help themselves. Afghanistan was a safer place as long as those military heroes were there to stand post. Anytime there is a evil threatening our way of life, or feel it is deemed necessary to go to keep it from coming here IT IS NEVER A MISTAKE!! You can put politics in this all you want, but the bottom line is our country was threaten and our military ANSWERED THE CALL! I am so proud of my son and the many who went with, and after his death… all in the name of protecting us!

When Evil is confronted and fought against ….it will never be in vain!!! Evil will always rear its ugly, frightening head and it may seem it prevails sometimes but it should never make us regret our bravery in trying to fight against it when we had the opportunity to.

So please don’t disrespect our heroes that fought there by being the ones who say, what a waste of those who died over there or we went there for nothing… or allow others to say this because this family not only doesn’t think it….we are so very proud our son along with so many who stood against evil and fought against it when others needed them to!!!

So to all those who went and fought and died there……THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!! Your mission was NOT a failure nor in vain!!!!!

A Very Proud Gold Star Mother and Father!!!!"